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8 Gain a new habit – learn
a foreign language online!
English with a native speaker the number of students has doubled during the quarantine. 2 X foreign languages! Live lessons with professional teachers Free consulting

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Is there anything better than spending a useful hour on the Internet sharing a cup of tea with e.g. an English or Spanish language speaker? They can not only brighten up your leisure time, but also can teach you pronunciation, vocabulary, and correct grammatical structures.

Develop one of the healthiest habits! Learn with professional teachers in live lessons.

We’re a school, which means that everything is serious but simple and comprehensible.

Why should you choose us?


We are not an aggregator of private tutors; we are a school which is supposed to have a
program, certain standards, quality control, and the ability to certify language proficiency.


We do not use Skype or other free resources but carry out lessons on specialized educational platforms.


Our methodologists can readily meet you any time to help establish your goals and construct your individual learning path.


The school is a system practicing a flexible but profound approach. Students come to us and stay with us: over 75% of adult Starter learners achieve B1, B2, and even C1 levels of language proficiency!

Do you want to save some money?

Fine! Study more and pay less!

Individual lessons:

Paying for 16 up to 36* lessons you will save 5-20%
(13.2 vs 16.5 euros/45 min.).

Bring along your friend or family member and save even more!
It’s cheaper for 2 – just divide the price in half.

Group lessons:

Enroll to intensive courses of the English, German or Czech languages (20-25 academic hours) and pay twice as cheap as for the classical courses.

2.9 vs 5.8 euros/45 min.

90-min. lessons in English, Czech, German, French, and Spanish twice a week in groups 3+ (all levels from Starter to Advanced).

94 euros/month

A fragment of an online lesson of English B1 (Teacher: Thomas Sean Cocco):

Fragment of an online German lesson (teacher Svetlana Nikolaevna Fischer)

Фрагмент урока чешского языка. Подготовительный курс "Онлайн+Прага"

Why should you hesitate to reserve the best time for you?

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English with a native speaker

for adults and teens

An intensive course for adults (16+):

Five 55-min. lessons / week for 25 euros only.
(Starter- Elementary / Pre-Intermediate – Intermediate levels)

Success results from learning intensity, not from the lesson duration!

Professional native speaking teachers


Effective 55-min. lessons every day


A new topic every week – join any one as it seems appropriate for

Sunday clubs

For those who need speaking practice
For those who want to be grammar-friendly
Java in English for teens

Club lessons fees:  60-min. lessons – 50 euros/month.   90-min. lessons – 75 euros/month.

Sign up for native speaker’s lessons:

Exam preparation courses:

The English language

Highschool student carrying out task at workplace

Do you need to take a language exam or to prepare for one?

Would you like to prove your language skills in a level exam, e.g. KEY,
Are you interested in IGCSE exams in the subjects chosen in order to enter a
university abroad – A-level exams, SAT?
Would you like to take a diagnostic exam – IELTS, TOEFL?

Our School is a center for taking international examinations, accredited to the
international syndicates EDEXCEL and CAMBRIDGE ASSESSMENT English.


Other languages

Level exams:

• German – Goethe Zertifikat A1: Start Deutsch 1, Goethe Zertifikat A2; B1 (adults); Goethe Zertificat A1: Fit in Deutsch A1/A2 (teens).

• Spanish – DELE.

• Chinese – HSK.

• Japanese – JLPT.

• French – DELF.

To get consulting on the exams:

Special features of our online platform

The platform provides every opportunity to work with interactive tools in the

type a text on the interactive board

draw, paint, and match

take part in surveys and quizzes

watch videos

split into groups / pairs in breakout rooms

An online lesson is in no way different from face-to-face one:

The teacher and students communicate via a webcam, microphone or chat.

Students get an immediate feedback.

Home tasks are posted in the most convenient format.


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