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We are a school — this means that everything is serious. But easy!

Why is it worth doing languages with us? Just because:


We are not an aggregator of tutors, but a school! This means that we have a program, standards, quality control and the ability to issue you a certificate.


We do not work on Skype and other free resources, but conduct classes on specialized educational platforms.


Our methodologists are always ready to meet with you to determine exactly what and how you need to learn to achieve your goal, to make up your individual trajectory.


School is a system; it is a flexible but thorough approach. People come to us and stay with us (more than 75% of adult students, starting from scratch, reach levels B1, B2 and even C1)!

You want to save some money?

Fine! Study more and pay less! A course of 36 lessons (and this is enough to reach half the level on the CEFR scale) will save 20%.

1 class


22 EURO/1 class

16 classes

320 EURO

20 EURO/1 class = 10% discount

36 classes

633,6 EURO

17,6 EURO/1 class = 20% discount

1 class

550 CZK

550 CZK/1 class

16 classes

7920 CZK

495 CZK/1 class = 10% discount

36 classes

15840 CZK

440 CZK/1 class = 20% discount

Come together and save even more! Share the price with your friend and pay half each!

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    The number of students learning a foreign language online doubled during quarantine

    There is nothing better than sitting down with a cup of tea in front of the laptop and spending an hour with an English-speaking companion who will not only brighten up your leisure time, but also help with pronunciation, teach new words and correct grammar.

    Relentless statistics says that studying in a completely distant course, like the self-study one, only 40% of particularly motivated students reach the end and get the result.

    Join the majority! Study with a professional teacher in a live lesson.

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