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Time saving
There is no need to spend time on the road and in traffic jams, travelling to the tutor or school and then back home.
Money saving
It is not necessary to buy expensive textbooks.
You pay only the cost of the course and get free learning materials.
Energy saving
For online lesson you only need an Internet connection, a computer and a headset.
There is no need to install any applications.


Before the beginning of the lesson, you become acquainted with new vocabulary on the topic.

It helps you to understand and memorize the material more effectively at online lesson.

At the lesson

You communicate with the teacher and other students in real time mode, you can see and hear them, work with various tools and tasks (chat, tests, surveys, video and audio, interactive board, quizzes). That way the vocabulary you learn at the lesson becomes your active vocabulary.

After lesson

Learning process does not end when
the online lesson ends.

You reinforce the material learnt with the help of additional tasks that you complete at any time convenient for you. Thus, the time you work with learning materials increases by 50%.

Описание изображения

Language learning speed depends on work intensity

The more, the quicker! Alternating lessons with independent work on tailor-made program and
adding speaking practice in Conversational Cafe and grammar practice in Grammar Module,
you learn language just every day, and it means that you can see your progress week by week.

Speak Viva |English A1
Speak Viva |English A1
75 euro/month
Čeština online |Czech A1.1
Čeština online |Czech A1.1
60 euro/month
Speak Viva |English A2
Speak Viva |English A2
75 euro/month
Conversation Cafe |English conversation online
Conversation Cafe |English conversation online
15 euro/month

Our classes consist of online lessons with a teacher in real time mode and additional tasks you do independently
after the lesson to strengthen the acquired skills. Thus, classes combine
the benefits of traditional classroom learning and modern online technology,
with the help of which you effectively learn the language.

We use special educational platforms Adobe Connect and Docebo for studies.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is fundamentally different from the well-known Skype. It is a professional platform for conducting online classes and webinars. Together with the teacher and other students, you work with a variety of materials such as video, audio, texts, flash-games that make lessons interactive and effective.

Adobe Connect provides the same forms of interaction as in a regular classroom:
We work together on a white-board, in pairs and groups, while each pair can stay
in its own separate virtual room and only listen to each other.Online training is very effective, as students delve into the language not only at the lesson!


Docebo is an educational platform where you can monitor your progress, course structure, main and optional classes communicate with a teacher and students at the Forum.

In Docebo you work in your own mode, when you want it and when you have time to complete assignments. Here you will not only complete basic assignments within the course, but also improve your language using simulators, games, tests, and quizzes selected by teachers. In addition you can use special video materials and learning resources on grammar and vocabulary.

Описание изображения

Nowadays millions of people learn languages exactly this way without leaving their apartments or offices. When every minute counts, online learning has undeniable advantages!

Choosing online learning with us,
you get:

— Comfortable classes: learn a language in any place convenient to you: in the office, on vacation or at home.
—Free learning materials, access to the library of unique video and audio tutorials, tests, and quizzes.
—Interactive group lessons with a qualified teacher.

— Lessons with native speakers.
— Exercise all aspects of the language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. All these skills are targeted only on real communication in daily life.
—Assessment: you are not left to yourself; we highlight your progress and help you to see it.

— You get a certificate at the end of the course.
—Teacher and manager support you during
your studies.
—Secure payments: payment protection technology HTTPS and two-factor authentication: 3D Secure.
— And the main thing is the result!

70% of speaking practice
300 new words for the course

Main feature of online-lessons is a constant speaking practice that helps you to activate you knowledge of theory and grammar, to use the structures learnt automatically,
achieve your goal quicker and speak foreign language fluently.